Another Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 1

The adventure begins! (Original, eh?)

The players find themselves at the Job Market Cafe in MercTown. “Fixer” Jones, a vaguely familiar face, has several job “opportunities” available:

  • Slay a family of green horned dragonz buggin a small town (Federation of Magic) – 200,000 UC
  • Find a crashed passenger transport (Somewhere between here and Arzno) – 75,000 UC
  • Rescue a shady respectable businessman from a Coalition prison camp (CS Mizzuri) – 100,000 UC
  • XTRA PAY: Deliver an Alien Rex tooth to City of Char – 300,000 UC 550,000 UC!!!!!

The players ultimately decide to deliver an Alien Rex tooth to a Techno-Wizard named Lady Paradigm in the city of Char.

Speaking of the players, a quick introduction:

  • Phred (Adam): a Slurmph who works at a family-owned restaurant in Char.
  • Enrico (Sean): a Lyn-Srial in search of a missing Techno-Wizard named Wayne.
  • TBD (Alex): a rogue scientist whose intentions are unclear and somewhat mysterious.
  • Alverez (Tony): a 21st century transplant who seems to have some psionic abilities…

Joining the party on their quest for an Alien Rex tooth is Laurence, a professional dinosaur hunter.

En route to Char, the party camps out in a small deserted town. Laurence seems surprised by the desertion as it was a strong camp not two weeks prior.

While on a night watch, Alverez observes several scantily clad women on horseback ride through the town. Their demeanor is odd. There were not hostile, but didn’t exactly warm up to the players either.

Also on a night watch, Alex notices a bird drop a coin by his feet. It appears to be a coin on ancient origin, which Alex quietly slipped into a pocket.

The next morning, the players enter the swamps outside of Char…. not too far from the city, they are ambushed by bandits! Not to be stopped by petty thieves, the party handled the situation with minimal violence.

On to the city of Char… we hope.


mrbranden mrbranden

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