Another Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 2

o/~ Boulders keep falling on my head... o/~

Having thwarted the bandits, the party continued eastward. From the top of the Appalachian Mountains looking east, the glow of many ley lines could be seen… “So this is why Char is so isolated.”

After a night’s rest, the party headed eastward, towards the ley lines. As they approached the ley lines.. whaddaya know! A ley line storm! Enrico was teleported about 100 yards down a ley line where he found a Techno-Wizard and her damaged hovercycle.

Suddenly, it literally began to rain boulders! The players, after taking some damage, took refuge in a cave. phew In the cafe were others seeking shelter: a Cyber-Knight and an Operator, on a mission to find a missing Cyber-Knight named Sir Edwin.

After the storm passed, the players left the cave but quickly realized they were no longer west of Char. Instead, they were south of Char, on the edge of the SteelTree Forest!

They got their bearing and headed north… but were attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex! That sucks when that happens. It was a tough fight… the Cyber-Knight took some chunks out of the main body, but a lot of damage was delivered to the head. The dinosaur attempted to flee after its eyes became covered with Phred’s slime.

No big deal! But suddenly… thumpthumpthump…. better get ready!

(Sorry, this isn’t one of my better works of literature. Just wanted to get this posted before my memory faded!)


mrbranden mrbranden

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