Another Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 3

Tooth Decay

Players attending: Alex, Dan, Dave, Chinmoyee
Players absent: Adam, Tony, Sean

GMs note: Adam, Tony and Sean were unable to attend this session. To simplify things, there characters were “there” but did not take any action. I only mention this because some significant events happened this session…

The footsteps got closer and closer… it’s an Alien Rex! (How convenient.)

Going against common sense and wisdom, the reduced party decided to seize the opportunity and engage the Alien Rex! The party had an interesting tactic: don’t try to kill the Alien Rex, just knock its tooth out!

The Cyber-Knight used a telekinetic punch to strike the tooth… and rolled a natural 20! The tooth falls out, but falls into the swampy ground.

The Rogue Scientist and Techno-Wizard look for the tooth.. it’s located, right in between the Alien Rex’s feet! The Cyber-Knight dove for it… he manages to get the tooth, but not before being whacked by the monster’s tail! The hit was so hard, it destroyed the Cyber-Knight’s armor!

With the tooth in hand, the party fled the combat on their hovercycles/horse/whatever. Success!

Heading north through the SteelTree Forest towards Char, the party detected a crashed vehicle. They detoured slightly to check it out. Sure enough, there was a large crashed hovertrain with two survivors: Des and Imbopo. They explain that they’re sales representatives from Northern Gun, and this vehicle was one of their displays. Seems that during travel, they hit the same ley line storm and ended up here.

There is a large hole towards the back of the train. The Operator (Dan) took a look and noticed that the hole is blown outwards, suggesting that the something inside caused it to explode. The Operator tried to get answers from the two survivors, but they stuck with their story.

The party agreed to escort the survivors to Char.

Once in Char, the party made themselves comfortable at Roma’s, a local well-known pub. The Techno-Wizard split off to negotiate the Alien Rex tooth with Paradigm. The Cyber-Knight went with her.


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