You have used up your actions for the round, and cannot parry for one reason or another. You can still dodge (uses an action)?

Yes, but you must “steal” one action from the next round. This can only be done once per combat.

Can we parry or dodge energy blasts, bullets or arrows?

The character must realize that he/she is under attack and see where the attack is coming from. The attacker rolls to strike and the defender must roll to dodge as usual. Defender always wins ties. However:

  • NO attribute or skill bonuses to dodge apply against modern weapons. Only an unmodified die roll.
  • The dodge is -10 to dodge at close range (within 400’), and -8 to dodge from long-range attacks (more than 500’ away).
  • If the character under attack forfeits all his/her attacks that melee round and does nothing but dodge the entire round, from beginning to end, and runs from cover to cover to hide behind cover between moves, he is -6 to dodge. Does not apply in an open field without cover.

Juicers, Crazies and most superheroes and supernatural beings.


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